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If you already know all about government-funded grants, skip ahead to the bottom of the page.

Our government wants to give you money! They want you to put it back in to the economy!

We are all familiar with the saying: "If it sounds too good to be true, it is." That's why so many people immediately discredit those lofty claims about government-funded grant programs designed to aid all citizen who simply request aid. "The government only wants my tax dollars! Why the hell would they just give money away?"

The answer is actually quite simple. It's because our government wants you to put that money back into our economy--a system so badly in need of help that they are willing to give multi-billion dollar bailout deals to failed corporate giants in hopes to settle volatile stock markets. If the government were to just let these firms collapse, a sense of fear would spread like wildfire throughout the business world. Venture capitalists and other potential investors would be paralyzed into stagnation. Stock owners would want to jump ship as fast as they can. Our government might not know exactly what to do, but leaving the market to spiral out of control is certainly not an option. The fallout could mean the downfall of capitalism as we know it.

They have already given out a multi-billion dollar grant to bail out failed corporate giants.

That's all well and good for big business, but well over 99% of Americans are excluded from this seemingly sweetheart deal. This economic crisis cannot come to a close unless all of the parts are functioning properly. Which is to say that it is futile and fool-hearted for America to aid a mere fraction of its people and expect a complete financial turnaround and our government knows it. This was the goal of the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008. The middle class would finally receive some rehabilitation in the form of a $300-$600 grant aimed at refueling our staggering economy at the "grassroots" level. Although these actions have found initial success, the markets continue to fluctuate. Congress is currently preparing legislature to assemble another stimulus package similar to its predecessor.

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 gave the American working class over $56 billion.

This is proof that our government actually does give away its money. Now, let me inform you that it has always given away its money--not just in these recent desperate times. Public grants have always been available to those who actually followed through with the process involved in applying for them.

That process wasn't always known about in the past. With the advent of various media formats--radio, TV, the Internet, etc.--knowledge of and access to these grants has been significantly increased. The next step is to apply for these grants: a process that turns off many qualified applicants who rather not have to write a few paragraphs and fill out a few mundane forms. It would be great if there were some way to have an experienced individual help me get my money, wouldn't it?

The government has always given its money away--not just in these recent desperate times.

The folks here at public-grants.org recognize these pitfalls and have made it our job to provide the common, middle class American worker with a solution. We have tirelessly searched the Internet for grant-making organizations, researched their skills and legitimacy and ranked their companies based on their effectiveness, cost and user-friendliness. Below you will find links to the best grant sites on the Internet.

The internet has significantly increased the accessibility of these grants.

Remember: The government has money. They have the power to simply print as much of the American dollar as they want. That's not the point. If they were to just mint more money, the value of our currency would plummet. That's why applying for government grants isn't a 1-2-3 process for the individual applicant. While the government wants its people to spend money, they cannot just give it away. They need to have a process that will weed out those people who are unlikely to spend their money wisely. Those people are quite often the same people who are unwilling to put the time and effort it takes to find the right forms and fill them out. The other alternative is to have someone qualified to do the effort for you. No matter who you are or what you do, these companies below will find the right grant for you.

No matter who you are or what you do, these companies will find the right grant for you.

NOTE: Accepting one offer does not exclude you from the others! If fact, it can only strength your eligibility as multiple application are cross-referenced through grant searches.

Grant Research Guide

Effectiveness: 5 stars!
Cost: 3.5 stars!
User-Friendliness: 5 stars!
The Grant Research Guide

Only Pay: $2.95 S&H

The Grant Research Guide was compiled by two top-fleet lawyers from one of America's major corporate financial firms. Approaching 2 years old, this relatively new grantmaker's research guide has the highest success rate of any public grant tool currently available. Just fill out the short form to receive your software on CD.

Overall Value: 4.5 stars! Take Me To The Grant Research Guide

Grant Writer Pro

Effectiveness: 4 stars!
Cost: 4.5 stars!
User-Friendliness: 4.5 stars!
Grant Writer Pro

Only Pay: $1.98 S&H

This program likely needs no introduction as it has been featured on CNN and CNBC on multiple occasions. No expertise required. The application runs much like your typical Windows program. It can never be said enough: The Grant Writer Pro Is Still Most Popular Public Grant Tool On The Net! Head over to their site now to order your CD.

Overall Value: 4.5 stars! Take Me To Grant Writer Pro

Grant Master CD

Effectiveness: 5 stars!
Cost: 3.5 stars!
User-Friendliness: 3 stars!
Grant Master CD

Only Pay: $1.95 S&H

GM is a brand new grantmaker focused on government grant offers. Their software is a little tricky to get used to at first to at first, but it really is worth the half hour or so it takes to get acquainted with some of the new terminology. This software has the second highest success rate, falling only a few percentage points under the incomparable Grant Research Guide. My favorite aspect of the Grant Master CD is that it employs Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to aid you with your grant application process--a decision which certainly speaks to such a high applicant eligibility rate.

Overall Value: 4 stars! Take Me To Grant Master CD

Grants Every Day

Effectiveness: 3.5 stars!
Cost: 5 stars!
User-Friendliness: 4 stars!
Grants Every Day

Only Pay: $2.95 S&H or get Instant Access for $1.95

From the creators of GrantResearchGuide.com, Grants Every Day offers students with exclusive grant funding to help pay for school! Grade Point Average is not an issue, so don't worry! Versatile payment options provides users with reliable internet access with a price break. Click the link below to learn how to qualify for FREE today.

Overall Value: 4 stars! Take Me To Grants Every Day

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